Co-Founders – Furkan Ciğerlioğlu

Furkan Ciğerlioğlu

Software technologies data analysis, data estimation and prediction are fields I aim to improve on. Geographic Information Systems, Vehicle Software Systems, Automation Systems are the fields I enjoy working and improving on. Working on Defense Industry projects are what fields of work that excites me.
I am apart of the founders management team of KAR-SAV and has been the Vice President for 2 years. I continue my task in my university in the defense industry and have great interests
Also I am a person who loves sports, fitness, bodybuilding and martial arts. 

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Also I have been in some other project during my bachelor degree.

These are:

  • KAR-SAV YÖN-SİS AUTOMATION PROGRAM is a Management and Organisation System Software
  • AIAA’S DBF UAV / DOĞAN UAV TEAM (International UAV Competition)

KAR-SAV YON-SIS Software’s (which I made)  advertisement brochure.

A photo from car similator project with Fiat Dashboard.

Photos From Competitions

I am also founder member and electronic team of Hezarfen Rocket Team. 

I worked on software of avionics system.

During present of “Asistant of Superivision Driver” at Insurance Technologies Center at Technocity of Yıldız Technical University.

Prize from TET R&D Project Competition with “Asisstant of Supervision Driver”.

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