Assistant of Supervision Driver


As Carsafetyteam, we make points according to driver’s act with artifical intelligence to determine true and special insurance premiums for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) systems.

  • Assistant of Supervision Driver is a project under the Carsafetyteam, which has some purpose. These are:
  • Comment driving with drive point
  • Determine insurance premiums for Usage Based Insurance systems
  • Minimum craches because of driver mistakes
  • Helping to fleet management


According to some international traffic reports, deathrate at road accidents is increasing over 1,25 billion people every year. According to same reports, the most reasons are driver mistakes.

For decrease deathrate of road accidents, we need to force to drivers safe drive. For to do it, insurance companies already use “Usage Based Insurance” system which determine insurance premiums automotically according to act of driver mistakes. But these determine operations are can not be enough everytime. 

Our purpose is determine true driver point for UBI and make data forecast according to past driver points. Thus, insurance companies can evaluate true insurance premiums for driver and can see which drivers are risky. However, insurance companies can cancellation some drivers insurance agreement and protect themself from lots of expenditures.

Thus, drivers mistakes, insurance premiums for good drivers and economic losses of insurance companies decreases.



We transfer all datas which we get from car on Can-Bus with OEM module and process data with parameters which determines according to international road accident statistics reports.

Get Driver point for past drives and forecast driver point for how they will drive.

End of the operation, we have risky drivers list for UBI or Fleet Manager and detailed driver drive anaylsis reports.

Processing Photos

Detailed driver profile report, blue line is past, orange line is future forecast.